Think Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Coming to the realization that your spouse or partner is cheating is always a tough pill to swallow. But when your gut tells you that something is wrong with the relationship or that the sudden changes you’ve been seeing in your spouse/partner aren’t just normal, then it’s time to act. While nobody wants to find out that their loving spouse/partner is cheating on them, it is always wiser to find out the truth rather than to let doubts and paranoia cloud over you at every waking moment. However, it is also important to remember that your partner may not, in fact, be cheating. Therefore, it is crucial that you handle the situation with extreme care, and here are some tips on how to;

Go through their mobile device(s)

This one’s a no brainer, unless they are clever (or experienced) enough to delete their message and call history, there will always be a mobile trail leading to the person they are cheating with. But also remember that a cheating partner could save their secret lover’s number under someone else’s name, maybe that of a close friend or a colleague, so that calls or texts coming in at odd times will not be suspected. 

Install a GPS device on their vehicle

A GPS device will allow you to track where your shady partner goes, letting you know where they’ve been and for how long they’ve been there. However, if a GPS device is beyond your budget, you can also count the mileage on their odometer. If it’s more than the distance they usually travel for work, then maybe it’s time to be wary of your partner.

Hire a professional

If the cheater is extremely clever and good at hiding their tracks, then maybe hiring a cheating partner private investigator would be a smarter option. Private investigators with experience in infidelity cases will have the expertise and resources unavailable to you, in order to find out the truth about your partner. Realizing that your spouse is cheating is a heartbreaking situation, however it is crucial that you are emotionally stable and logical when looking for evidence, and if you believe that you are not in a position to do so, it is always smarter to assign the task to professional with the skills and experience.

Is your partner suddenly missing?

You’ve been suspicious of your partner for a while now and all of a sudden, he/she goes missing. Maybe the situation, especially if children are involved, is extremely delicate and thus you don’t want to draw attention to your family and bring up the fact that you think that your partner maybe cheating. What if he/she’s not? What if your false allegations ruin a perfectly good marriage? You’re at a loss. Hiring a trusted missing persons investigator maybe the most effective way of locating your partner while ensuring the privacy of your family and everyone involved.

Do not confront your spouse

Unless you have sufficient evidence to prove that they’ve been cheating, do not confront your spouse. Doing so without proof might warn him/her that you’re onto them and will take extra precautions to keep the affair hidden, making it even more difficult to prove their infidelity. Confronting your spouse without evidence might also cause him/her to act defensively and accuse you of being ‘crazy’.

Coping with the discovery

If you do end up finding proof that he/she is in fact cheating on you, it is important that you confront them with the evidence in order to figure out where the relationship is headed. It is also important to seek the support and advise of your family and friends in what is an extremely difficult time of your life.

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