Know About Henna Tattoo Designs

tatoing is a real craze. People from different age groups are choosing tattoos to adorn their skin. This is especially famous in young people. From the name of the loved one to something artistic – everything is getting into designs. But these do not come without pain. Permanent tattoos are painful due to use of needles. These are also permanent and the process of removal is not only complicated, but also time consuming. Many people do not like the idea of permanent tattoos as these cannot be removed easily. Then there is also another consideration and that is cost. But there is a solution to these lots of problems. That is henna.

Henna tattoo:

Henna is basically made of natural things, like henna leaves. The leaves have a colour of their own. These are widely used for tattooing. There are quite a few benefits of choosing mobile hair and makeup south Melbourne over normal tattoos.


The colour of henna tattoo is one of the things that need consideration. The colour is basically reddish brown in case of natural henna ink. The basic difference of this tattoo from normal tattoo is the colour. While we can get possibly every colour in permanent tattoo, the colour basically sticks to reddish brown in case of henna. Always, try to choose right parlours for this tattoo. Reputed services offering bridal hair and makeup also provide you with this tattooing. It is not impossible to get different colours. Use of artificial chemical inks helps to achieve different colours. These chemicals can have adverse effect on skin. So, people in search of colour in henna tattoo must know about the inks and chemicals that are being used. In some cases, they can even test it on a small portion of skin to check if it reacts or not. If the coloured henna reacts it is better to stick to natural colours rather than artificially coloured ones.


Though it is a better option than normal tattoo, it can also be allergenic. Some people suffer from applying henna though it doesn’t get into the dermis. PPD containing black henna can really affect some people. In such cases, one must choose henna that does not contain PPD. It is better to stick to henna with reddish brown colour which is less allergenic.

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