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Dumping my family on to a RV and taking them far away from Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat and god knows what that has come up in the past minute I have been typing this sentence, that seems to be the only rational way to unplug my kids from their mobile devices and make them see that I have aged in the past two years since they were each given a mobile. The irony of the situation heightens as the mobile was supposed to be the way we were to be in touch and now because of that very thing I can’t seem to catch their attention even if I play dead.Back when I was kid a RV van was the way. Many like us owned one of them or them was plenty of them to rent them out. We did not have much to spare so the most economical way to get through the summer holidays was to drive into the beach with my parents in our modest RV with ‘’camper’’ mode on and on a good year we would even have gas money to visit family back home and that was great.

Our family heirloom, if I may call it that, was passed down to me and I recall having to give it up because there seem to be no place that will take up caravan servicing and insurance. But now RV s are making a comeback, because of concerned parents such as myself and old timers who miss the good old days. It’s great that businesses have recognized the demand and now begun to cater for it again.

A major concern caravan owners have is caravan insurance repairs Melbourne. A reliable service provider who knows just how these babies work is not an easy thing to come by. For any recreational vehicle, regular servicing and repairs are essential. Proper maintenance ensures that you will enjoy a journey with no annoying stop in which you will have to get it fixed by any road side garage that is unlikely to know their way around one.

What is great is if you have a little bit extra you can purchase a caravan for your family to use during the holiday and store it securely away with a reliable caravan servicing company with the option of them even taking care of the yearly maintenance for you. This is a great way to not only eat the cake but have the cake too and we don’t come by them very often do we?

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