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Photography is a vast area of study that now has evolved into a major industry. What used to be a privilege only shared by a few, back in the olden days has now become something very common to all. In fact, almost all smartphones come with dual cameras that enable you to take pictures of yourself as well as of others. Therefore, this technology only keeps improving, making your life easier and memorable. While it evolves as an industry, it is important that we remember how it is one of the ways by which we can visit our past and the sweetest memories that we cherish. As the technology improves, way by which you store them too improve. Below are some of the latest trends in this industry for your enlightenment.

Computational photography

The technology of computational photography mostly involves the lenses of a camera and the technological advances that it has faced over the years. According to Google, it has been proven that it is not always necessary to have multiple lenses for a camera. In fact, results can also be obtained by using just one lens. Instead of using a dual lens camera, you can simply use this, where it would be divided into to two separate lenses and do the same job without any hassle.

Stereo cameras

What are stereo cameras? Have you ever wondered if these types of cameras will make a comeback to wherever you attend? Be it a party or a hire GIF booth Melbourne that you step into, it will be the blooming trend amongst everyone very soon. Although the technology is very new, especially in adding the feature to smartphones, it has indeed been introduced to mobiles by HTC already. While this incident took place back in the year 2011, it is yet again making a comeback.


Have you even had the opportunity to experience a reliable photo booth? Although the trend of booths may span back to many year, the above one is rather new at present. Therefore, if you have yet experienced it, it is highly recommended that you at least read about it to enlighten your knowledge. What once was the simple presentation of a couple of physical photographs has now reached a much more technologically advanced level.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps are taking the world by storm these days. It is no doubt that, in addition to the camera that is already installed in your phone, you would have downloaded several apps to take filtered photographs. Therefore, the world of photography is rapidly moving and keeping up with the trends is the race you need to keep up with!

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